...Gotta Get My M.E.D.S...

If I'm having a tough day or an off week I often need a reminder that it's always up to me to shake things up. When I think rationally and zoom out beyond my own life a bit I always suddenly realize that how I react and perceive every challenge is actually a much more essential part of the puzzle than the actual hurdle itself. I try to employ a proactive approach to the inevitable difficulties that life chucks in our spokes, rather than scrambling to react to each challenge individually.


To stay on track, I need to remind myself to take my MEDS. I'm not referring to medication, but to my daily routine and the requirements that help keep me healthy, happy, sharp and present. This is my prescription:


M – Music, Meditation and Mental Health


A great soundtrack can make or break a movie, and great tunes help me through my day. Whether I'm working, training, driving or just walking the dog – when the rhythm of a great song syncs up with the rhythm of my day, it is enhanced. That said, ensuring that I spend a few minutes everyday in relative silence, gaining a little presence and peace of mind is important too. Keeping tabs on my mental state, staying open to conversation and constructive criticism, and making sure that just as I reach out to my friends and loved ones when I need a chat – that I remain open and approachable for the same.


E – Eating


When I'm busy, on the run or traveling, it's easy to forget to fill up the tank with quality fuel. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and lately I've been relying on a breakfast smoothie with BiPro Protein for the high-quality protein and nutrients that I might not be able to get if I skip lunch, or have a meal at an event or on the go. I'm a coffee drinker, and making sure I get my caffeine fix is also part of the equation. Here's my go-to:


The Kickstarter:

A frozen banana

2 large table spoons of smooth peanut butter

1 cup of milk or liquid of your choice

1 scoop of Chocolate BiPro Protein Powder (2 if you're hungry!)

2 shots of espresso (or half a cup of black coffee)


D – Drinking


I like beer but it's not what I'm talking about here. If I'm grumpy or tired it's usually because I'm dehydrated. It's the simplest cure for a headache, hangover or a bad attitude. Have a glass of water and chill the heck out.


S – Sleep, Rest and Recovery


My body needs sleep. My brain needs sleep. Whatever else is in me needs sleep too. It's easy to pretend I'm a robot and can operate on 4 hours and good vibes, but it always catches up to me. Sometimes a short rest can do the trick, but proper recovery always requires a combination of quality sleep, a great diet with plenty of quality proteins, fruits & vegetables, good hydration and a great mental health strategy.

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