CBC - Countdown to Beijing

I've been checking out CBC's Olympic website entitled "Beijing Bound" quite a bit lately. It's got some great videos, complete with Ron "thumbs up" MacLean as always... Can't miss an opportunity to give my fellow Oakvillian a shout-out. But! Hey Ron, Angus Mortimer is from Ottawa... not Oakville, but we'll take him if their tradin'... (Check the Shun-yi Rowing/Canoe Kayak video) Did you take a boat out for a paddle Ron?

CBC's feature on my trip to Liberia is up there as well, but it's a little tough to get to, here is my best attempt at cyber-directions for the adventurous and web-savvy:

Click on "Watch Now - Adam van Koeverden, Chasing Gold" (There is a picture of me in my kayak on the main page, but this link should take you right there)...

A video box will pop-up. Now click on "Beijing Olympics", then click "Countdown to Beijing", a lot of great videos are available, but the one with my name on it is the one about my trip to Liberia with Right to Play. Huge thanks to CBC for putting that together, and for lending me the camera which I used to get all the footage. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



So the big news I promised is here. I will be regularly blogging for Sportsnet as I continue my preparation for this summer's Olympics. Have a click to check out my first Blog entry. And while you're at it, go to the main Sportsnet page to check out the Pro Sports news... maybe send them an email and tell them how important amateur sports news is!!

Thanks to Rogers Sportsnet for this opportunity, and if you're surfing over here from the link to they generously included in my intro... Big welcome, drop me a line via the contact page!



Greetings from sunny Florida! I arrived a week ago at the Pines Resort for my 18th career Florida training camp... wow. After a week I'm already starting to feel at home in my kayak and training is going well. The Canadian Team will be hard at work here until our selection trials in early May, so we're in deep!
In other news, my coach Scott and I were nominated for Canadian coach and Athlete of the year for 2007! I'm nominated along with some incredible guys too, World Champ swimmer, 100m freestylist (in the pool, but he raps too) Brent Hayden. He's a big fan of the Honda Ruckus and Cookie Crisp cereal. Also, Gary Reed, the wicked quick 800m runner who was 2nd at the World Championships last year.
Check back soon for some big news!



Fellow Team Canada Paddlers, housemates, and very dear friends Gabriel Beauschesne-Sevigny, Ian Mortimer, Mark Oldershaw and Andrew Russell (left to right, as pictured above) have launched a website. It's a telling tale of how four young men from across the great expanse of Canada come together for sport, camaraderie and to challenge the planet for World Sprint Canoe Domination. Per Aquas ad Fraternatum indeed!

Have a click and tell 'em I sent ya!



Randy Starkman wrote a great article about how my off-season training was going back home in January. We had a great talk about how similar cross country skiing and kayaking are at a basic level. Sorry I couldn't come up with a ski-photo Randy, thanks for a great read!