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::Feb 29th - International Rare Disease Day::

Today is a very unique day. Not only because there are 4 times fewer Feb 29ths than Feb 28ths or Oct 3rds every century, but also because of the way that my good friend, Simon Ibell, has decided to celebrate this Feb 29th.

I always thought that since leap years only happen in Summer Olympic Years, Feb 29th was always meant to be an extra training day.  You know, in case you get behind or need an extra day to get fit or whatever. Turns out Feb 29th was destined for greatness.  Feb 29th, the rarest day of all days, is INTERNATIONAL RARE DISEASE DAY.  Simon Ibell started "Be Fair 2 Rare" in 2011 to raise Rare Disease awareness, and encourage Canadians to learn more!  It turns out that Rare Diseases aren't even that rare, 1 in 12 Canadians suffer from one of over 7000 Rare Diseases.  Below is some more information on Rare Disease, since we're all about awareness today.  If you want to get involved, donate a little money, or just tweet/share one of the shocking true facts about Rare Disease, read on below.  Thanks for your support, and thanks to Simon for being such an incredible spokesperson and advocate for this very important cause.

Did you know that...

Canada is the only developed country in the world WITHOUT a Federal Healthcare policy to support the research into cures for this community?

         Most rare diseases are life-threatening or debilitating; about 80% are genetic, and 75% affect infants and children. 

Our antiquated healthcare doesn't even support rare disease therapies that DO exist, meaning over 1 in 12 Canadians can't get access to lifesaving therapies that can dramatically improve the quality of their lives?

We think it’s about time to “BE FAIR 2 RARE!”


        BE FAIR 2 RARE is a public outreach campaign founded by the iBellieve Foundation and launched with the Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders (CORD). It is aimed at raising awareness, funds, and advocacy for the rare disease community in Canada.

           Launched on International Rare Disease Day 2011, the campaign highlights the fact that despite 1 in 12 Canadians suffer from of approximately 7000 different rare diseases; Canada is the only country in the developed world WITHOUT a Federal Healthcare policy for the rare disease community.

 Our efforts are in pursuit of a singular goal: to call on the Canadian government to adopt a Federal Healthcare policy that supports the rare disease community in this country. 


There are several ways you can participate and help on February 29 and after:

1. PLEASE make a donation and sign the petition to support the adoption of a federal rare disease policy via our website at  WWW.BEFAIR2RARE.COM

2. SPREAD the Word - tell your family, friends, colleagues, teammates, and your network to "BE FAIR TO RARE"

3. PURCHASE a Roots Be Fair 2 Rare scarf and wear it on February 29 and after to support rare diseases. Visit  WWW.BEFAIR2RARE.COM to buy your scarf

  • In addition to online, every Roots store across Canada will be promoting BE FAIR 2 RARE in store on February 29

3. Faceboook, Twitter and/or blog the following to offer your support:

  • Canada: It's Rare Disease Day, so support  @BeFair2Rare at www.BeFair2Rare.com #rarediseases 

Follow us and talk about us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/befair2rare or @BeFair2Rare.

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I am an ardent supporter for the noble cause of generating awareness to public on rare diseases that inflict human population. let this day (29th February) be dedicated to this purpose.

dr prem raj pushpakaran
March 29, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterdr prem raj pushpakaran

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